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Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Old Mom

Ok - I had my 9 year old when I was 40, but it has been hysterical to realize that I have more in common with Laura Ingalls than I do with Chrisie as I am reading the Little House books to her.

* We wore dresses to school ("But what if it was cold?" "You wore pants under your dress." "Ew, gross").
* I had 1 doll and as I got older, 1 Barbie (that was a real shocker).
* I always walked to school (until high school) - my mom never brought me. We had 1 car that Dad took to work.
* We didn't shop on Sunday, as all of the stores were closed ("But what if you needed something?" "Well, you waited until Monday". "But what if you REALLY needed something?"....)
* You had a set of play clothes, school clothes and dress clothes and they didn't overlap ("You had to change before you went out to play?").

We read at night to settle down and get ready for bed, but now she also wants to be read to in the morning. So at the beginning of Little House on the Prairie, I hear this dripping noise and look over to see that she is crying because she thinks Jack (the dog) is dead. So I had to read chapter 2 really quickly (Jack is alive!) so she could get through her day!

I love how much she loves these books - just like I did!


Helen said...

I just realized a left this comment at the wrong place. So if you see this comment under your entry back in January, don't think I'm completely nuts! I was just having a hard time remembering my password. Anyway, here's my comment on this entry. Tell her this is how it was in the "olden days".

Thanks for sharing your time with your daughter with us. I have grandsons just about her age and they love being read to. I'm thinking boys would like those stories too, wouldn't they?

Honey Bee said...

I bet they would as there is quite a bit of information about building cabins, loading guns, hunting - lots of what Pa does. Thanks for your comments! Dianne