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Friday, August 12, 2011

Local Businesses That We Love

My family went to Kobe Steakhouse last night. Salvadore was our chef and we had so much fun. He was the best chef we've had there - great fun with his tricks, humor, interactions with our kids and the food was sooooo goood!

We bought an HP laptop for our son's birthday. The hard drive went out, while still under warrenty. We still had to pay $78 to fix it with Geek Squad. Hummmm... Anyhow it started to blue screen again. I took it back and they said it was not the drive this time, but a virus. And it would cost over $200 to fix. I ended up taking it to Eric the Computer Guy, who fixed it for $75. And what was wrong? The disk drive was not connected correctly. There were some minor viruses that Eric cleaned up. And he installed some new anti-virus software and generally cleaned things up. He has fixed two of our computer problems and we are happy campers. His number is 512.789.2894.

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