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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fly Fishing in Colorado

My son, Scott, and I went to Estes Park, Colorado, last weekend. We learned to fly fish and are hooked - get it? We can't wait to go again!

Ok - I realize it is barely bigger than a guppy - but here is the first catch of the day! It was really quilt a thrill. Took my picture and let the little guy go - hopefully a wiser fish. :)

Scott does the family proud and catches a real fish.

And then a herd of elk came for a visit. They weren't but 10 feet behind us!

Scott and our wonderful teacher/guide Bill.

Fun hiking spot.


Phyllis said...

OK, is this a test? I had to read the sentence under your picture 3 times to be sure it really does say "quilt", not "quiet"...our fingers really do have mind of their own, don't they. I love it!

Honey Bee said...

Crack me up - my fingers have a mind of their own. And I really do type "quilt" more often than "quiet".....

Susan Madden said...

I love your little typo! Thanks for the grins. :-)