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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love the Laminates!

I stopped by Vali & Kim's in Dripping Springs and was inspired by a recovered chair that they had in their store. I used the Jo Morton laminated fabric from Andover to quickly recover my yucko outdoor furniture. Then I had to paint it red and I love the way it turned out. Now, they did the piping and a terrific job. I did used the kind-of-put-together-in-an-afternoon method, but it still looks ssoooooo much better than it did!

Here you can see my shade garden trying to grow - I am having a heck of a time wtih a certain psycho dog killing my plants because he can't seem to wait to releive himself until he gets out in the yard. Anyone have any ideas about dog-resistant plants? The girl at Home Depot suggested that I put moth balls around the base of the plants that are appealing to him, but then my back yard would smell like moth balls......

1 comment:

Tennye said...

I love what you did with the laminated fabrics. I got some and made bags for homeless ladies, then filled them with feminine hygiene products and those wet wipes you can use to practically bath with. Fun to do and helpful for those less fortunate.