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Friday, January 15, 2010

Coolest. Trailer. EVER!

Michael Miller Fabrics had the cutest booth at market. They had a little trailer in the middle of their booth that Osie and Judy went crazy over. We got a call from Osie right after she left today, that we had to go out to the parking lot to look at the cutest trailer - it was better than the Michael Miller booth. So we all go outside (customers included) to look at the trailer. The owner was driving away and looked over at us so we waved. It was pretty funny.

Well...she notices that we are a quilt store and so she parked again and came in the store. Her name is Windsong and she is a midwife and traditional healer (she is American Indian). She is interested in Lone Star quilts. She is living in Mexico, bought the trailer from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company in California. The trailer has a double bed and a fireplace inside! How cool is that???? There is an antique stained glass window on the door and she pulls it with a VW Bug.

Windsong is on her way back to Mexico by way of Texas. Lovely lady and we really enjoyed our visit! Safe travels, Windsong!

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