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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dianne and Greg celebrate 18 years of wedded bliss by....

climbing Enchanted Rock? Great fun but was I ever wiped out! And yes....I got to watch the guy RUN up the rock. Sigh.

I am still smiling even after I share with the kids that the last time I climbed Enchanted Rock was with my Young Life group in high school, and Greg tells them about how I had to fight off the Comanches.

So we decided that 18 is the "jerky" year. We went home by way of Fredricksburg to get Dutchman's jerky and they were closed! But we did go by the Wildseed Farms and had a WONDERFUL time. I could live there. What a great place. Bought some very cool Mexican pots for my back porch.

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