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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Having Fun on a Saturday

We played concrete this weekend. In our quest to make sure our children know how to do things - we requested their help - (ok ... maybe Mom hit a wall and was exhausted. Greg wanted to take one day to form up and pour the next and I said "Oh no - we can get this done in one day - I have to work tomorrow." He was so right. I am so sore!)

So here is Kayleigh troweling with green fingernail polish. She donned the gloves to save the hands a nails.

We did a sidewalk - next week is another part of the porch. Then we will decide to stain or overlay. All of this needs to be done by the time we host a going away party for Karen Mappin - who joined the Peace Corps and is off to Africa for 27 months.

And my Scotty mixes a mean slurry - this was all quite fun and I slept like the dead last night.

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