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Friday, January 2, 2009

Spiral Needles Product Review

Years ago a wonderful quilter named Clare Rip worked at Honey Bee. She taught us the joy of self-threading needles to tuck in the tails left from machine quilting. The shortest threads could be loaded up in the self-threading needles and tucked away, leaving your quilt nice and neat. The problem with the needles, though, were that they could become unthreaded with a quick pull, or that some threads shredded a bit when threading.

Before Christmas, a man came into our store looking for a product called Spiral Needles. He went out to his truck and brought in his laptop and showed us the product. I was intrigued enough to contact the maker of these needles to see if she would wholesale the product. She did, we received them and like them quite well.

The Spiral Eye needles are made of 100% stainless steel, making them hypoallergenic and more flexible than the traditional needles that are made from steel and then plated with nickel.

It is the only hand sewing needle made in America. Spiral Eye Needles are made in Minnesota by a family owned business, Pam Turner spent over 4 years getting this invention off the ground.

The perfect gift for any baby-boomer, or someone with arthritis, low vision, trembling hands, or is elderly or handicapped. Children learning to sew, and traveling professionals are also candidates for the Spiral Eye Needle.

Spiral eye is not a needle, it is a solution.

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